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The ultimate hands-free drinking tool.


Trusted by the biggest brands in America:

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A Walking Billboard for Your Brand

BevNeck.com features innovative beverage holders with a focus on functionality and hands-free convenience. The products are designed with active consumers in mind to not only keep beverages cool but to keep them conveniently near without having to hold them.


BevNeck serves both consumers seeking innovative and unique gifts, as well as businesses looking to promote their brand in refreshing new ways. BevNeck is ideal for outdoor activities, picnics/BBQ's, festivals, traveling and more.


As a promotional tool, BevNeck is a 'wearable billboard' that promotes brands in a refreshing new way. BevNeck insures that imprinted brands are promoted regardless of what beverage is inside the jacket and, unlike other coolies, brands are not hidden under the consumer's hands.

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BevNeck Enthuisiasts
quotes "The BevNeck has come in handy for me so many times... as an avid fisherman, it has saved the day for me and my brother in law both on the beach surf fishing or from our boats out on the high seas." - Joe
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Enjoy Ultimate Hands-Free Drinking Freedom


Choose from a wide variety of customizable colors and backgrounds

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Universal BevNeck

The Universal BevNeck provides HANDS FREEDOM no matter what you drink!

Fits cups, cans and bottles and more!

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Deluxe BevNeck

Simply the most useful and stylish beverage tote on the market.

Designed for those that demand convenience and want first aid for your thirst!

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Zip BevNeck

Drinking a beer or other beverage in a glass bottle?

The Zip BevNeck will be your new best friend!

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About the Invention

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BevNeck® was invented in 1998 by the founder out of the desire to create a third hand for his beer when his girlfriend told him to 'Hold his own Damn beer!'


Since that time, the product concept has been enhanced to not only overcome any and all challenges posed by a bottle of beer, (spilling, breaking, finding an opener, misplacing or warming too fast) but he has gone on to design and patent a line of hands-free beverage holders under the brand name BevNeck®.


These beverage totes are designed for the type of beverages that today's active consumers grab on the go and eliminate the need to be held as they hook to one's body or bag conveniently.

Not a business, but still want the ultimate hands-free drinking experience?

We’ve got you covered.

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Case Study: Bud Light


For the three years running, Bud Light chose to design their own custom version of the Deluxe BevNeck as a gift to the guests aboard the Port Paradise Cruise.

bud light 1

The fully custom Deluxe BevNeck designed exclusively for the tall Bud Light Aluminum Bottles. Shown with BottleTool attached.

bud light 2 Bud Light Port Paradise Cruise Revelers enjoy the benefits of the BevNeck!
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